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Richmond, Virginia NASCAR Style Racing Experience

Buckle up and grip the steering wheel for a real NASCAR Style Racing Experience at Richmond Raceway! Soar around the track like the pros do, reaching speeds up to 150mph.
Where:Richmond, Virginia
Age restriction:Minimum age for participation - 18 years
Price for:1 Participant
Richmond Raceway, Virginia, 5 laps
Richmond Raceway - 5 laps
Old price: $499.00
Richmond Raceway 10 laps
Richmond Raceway - 10 laps
Old price: $699.00
Richmond Raceway, 15 laps
Richmond Raceway - 15 laps
Old price: $999.00
Richmond Raceway 20 laps
Richmond Raceway - 20 laps
Old price: $1,299.00
Ride Along - 3 laps, Richmond Raceway
Richmond Raceway - Ride Along - 3 laps
Ride shotgun in a NASCAR stock car driven by a professional instructor for a 3-lap qualifying run.
Old price: $169.00

Are you ready to put the pedal to metal and drive a race car at insane speeds?

Make their dream come true at Richmond Raceway, Virginia with a NASCAR style stock car racing experience. This is an experience gift that gets them on the track driving a real 500-plus horsepower racecar.

No previous race car driving experience required!

This thrilling experience begins with a driver’s meeting where racing school instructors get you ready for the incredible power and speed you are about to discover. The instructors will go over how to enter and exit the track, finding the line, passing, the flags used, safety procedures, and much more.

Next comes the exciting part! You'll put on a fire-proof driving suit and a full-face helmet. You’ll then slide through the window and get strapped into the driver’s seat with a 5-point harness. The pit crew will connect your earpiece to your helmet so you can hear your instructor while you’re on the track. They’ll be giving you advice on changing gears and braking points the entire time you are racing around the track, helping you drive safely as you bring your speed up to a mind-blowing level.

While you are focused on the track ahead and the roar of the engine is drowning out every other thought, your friends and family can be on the sidelines cheering you on.

2024 Dates*

  • October 19, 2024

This experience has limited space and only select dates to choose from.
*Dates are subject to change 


  • High speed laps around Richmond Raceway's 3/4 mile paved D-shaped oval speedway.
  • Take control of a 500+ horsepower race car.
  • Learn how to drive a race car from veteran racing professionals.
  • It's just you and the car! You'll be driving the racecar by yourself. No instructor riding shotgun.

Location:    Richmond Raceway, Richmond, Virginia  VIEW MAP

The Cars:

  • You'll be driving real NASCAR racecars that have raced in competions with top NASCAR teams including Chevrolet Monte Carlos, Dodge Chargers, Ford Fusions, Pontiac Grand Prix, and Toyota Camry. Amongst them you will find cars from Joe Gibbs Racing, Dale Earnhardt Inc., Hendrick Motorsports, Roush and others.
  • The race cars are equipped with standard transmissions. If you need assistance operating a standard vehicle the pit crews will help you exit the pit area and get to speed quickly.
  • The race cars are stable at speeds of 150mph and more. The chassis, combined with a 500 hp GM crate motor, will have you holding the wheel with white knuckles as your stock car rockets off the corner.

How fast will I be able to go?

  • Real fast! Every track and student is different. Speeds will vary according to each driver’s individual performance.

Need to know:

  • You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license to participate.
  • A driver’s suit, a HANS Device and a helmet with one-way radio communication are provided.
  • You must be able to climb through a 15” high by 28” wide window that sits 35” from the ground.
  • Drivers must a minimum of  5′ tall.
  • Maximum height is 6′ 4″.
  • Waist and chest  can be no bigger than 52".
  • This experience is weather dependent. In the event the experience is cancelled due to weather, your certificate will be rescheduled for a future date. No refunds can be issued.
  • Please wear clothes that will be comfortable under the driver’s suit and closed toe shoes. The shoes you wear should allow you to feel the pedals through the sole. A tennis shoe or equivalent usually works best (no boots).
  • You are financially responsible for all damage caused to the car due to driver error. A Vehicle Protection Plan is available for $75.00, subject to a $1000.00 deductible. You can purchase optional insurance at the race car track on the day of your event. Due to the quality of the training and cars, damage is rare but you will be responsible for any damage to the racecar. 

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