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Self-guided Richmond Mural Tour

Explore Richmond's vibrant murals and street art with this self-guided activity that allows you to delve into the city’s fascinating and beautiful outdoor artworks, at your own pace.
Where:Richmond, Virginia
Price for:Up To 4 Participants

What started as a way to bring people together has evolved into one of Richmond, Virginia’s most popular attractions. The city has transformed its streets into canvases for creativity. You'll find murals in just about every neighborhood, with concentrations downtown, in the Fan and Museum District, near VCU, and more.

On this Self-Guide tour you can discover 60+ of Richmond’s imaginative, thought-provoking, and sometimes shocking, along with stories of the artists, their inspirations, processes, and much more. Follow your GPS directions to street art murals in the historic neighborhoods of Jackson Ward, Monroe Ward, and VCU's campus.

Using a dedicated app on your smartphone, you can explore Richmond's street art on your own, at your own pace. You can pause your tour and pick it up again later, or even explore the murals from home if you don't have time to see them all in person.

This Self-Guide Mural Tour includes a mix of little-known and well-known and tidbits. Even long-time residents of Richmond will discover something new about their neighborhood!

How it works:

  • Playing is easy. All you’ll need is a smartphone.
  • You can play played individually or as a small team with up to 4 people per certificate.
  • Once you’ve registered and selected your start date with the tour provider, you’ll receive an email with instructions for downloading the tour app and entering your unique game password. (This is done after you’ve activated your experience on Breakaway Experiences’ website).
  • You’ll see a map of the VCU/Downtown area with the murals overlaid on top. Just head over to one to see it in person and to learn more about it.

What's included:

  • Mural Tour app to download onto your Smartphone.

When: Available year-round every day of the week - play at time that works best for you

Duration: 2-hours

Need to know:

  • You need one ticket per team. Each team will use one smartphone to play the game.
  • Self-guided tours can be done individually or as a small group, and they’re all family friendly.
  • Be sure to bring water with you and wear comfortable shoes.

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